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Privacy Policy

The privacy policies discussed here provide an insight as to how gathers non-personal and personal information which may have been classified as voluntary or mandatory, utilize, de-classify, disclose and preserve all related information via the website. 'Personal Information' can be termed as the data that can be employed for unique identification or communication/contact with any individual, which is why it is aptly termed as personal information. The domain of personal information for the practical realization of this policy includes, but not limited in its entirety to, details like name, date of birth, address, email info, gender.

A client or customer may be asked to furnish a share of their personal during the whole duration of them accessing and availing the services offered by, like in cases when an individual wants to make an online transaction for buying a product. Other such cases when submission of personal information may be required are participation in online surveys and contests, communication with representatives/contact personnel or customer service of via email, phone or otherwise, and may also providing reviews about the content being hosted on the website., under NO circumstances, sells/trades or puts into jeopardy, the safety of an individual's personal information in any manner and is dedicated to protect the same, unless consent is received or sought from your ends, or if it fall in line as specified herein:

Personal information provided by the customer is utilized/brought to use in a productive manner in the following exclusive cases:

1. To allow one to explore our website and use all its features without any hassles
2. In order to provide apt response to the queries and inquiries of customers, and also fulfill the information requests that are deemed important for varied services
3. To provide clients/customers relevant information and details about products/services available on and also send relevant information, offers and materials mentioned on the website straight to customers
4. To send surveys and opinion polls as well as marketing communication that deems important or to be in the interests of customers
5. To be of assistance in addressing and solving the problems of clients and also dispel any technical issues that may have been experienced or currently being faced
6. To help in completion of the transaction and buying process for a product that customers may have purchased and services availed, listed on and to carry it forward. This may include providing assistance in selection of transaction media and proceeding to payment gateway, payment processing and making contact with the buyer to provide them information related to their purchase.
7. To assist us in proper maintenance and administration of the website and also keep it up to date
8. To make arrangements for, and successfully conduct, internal reviews and analyze collected data for the website such as determination of the number of hits received and the count of visitors accessing any particular page of the website for better estimation and understanding of customer mindset and usage patterns
9. To bring visible improvements in the content, services and advertising present on the website
10. To safeguard the probity and coherence of the website, which is in interest of both parties and allows for the development of mutual trust
11. To be able to provide apt response in case of cases of judicial proceedings and also furnish adequate information and assistance to law enforcement agencies and regulatory authorities. The information provided to them is for the purpose of facilitating and introducing a level of ease in the whole investigation process in matters that involve safety and security of the public or where the law permits utilizes the standard set of measures and procedures that serve as safeguard against unsanctioned ingress/access and illegal interception and accumulation of sensitive personal information. However, we admit that no internet site or portal can make an unmitigated claim to completely diminish or altogether eradicate such security threats.

Shared Information

One is required to make a submission of their information when they are in the process of, or seek to, make an online purchase and do a transaction via the website. In case of, a highly secure third party operated, online payment gateway is used for making the monetary transaction and the information provided by an individual to is also shared with the operator who manages and runs the online payment gateway. Moreover, the operator may also be provided controlled access to an individual's history of making online purchases and doing transactions made from the website, which is purely for analysis purpose, and one can be assured of safe handling.

As far as extremely sensitive information and customer data such as an individual's credit card details, they are exchanged and transacted on highly secure payment, where one has been redirected by equally secure and malware protected sites. These gateways and portals have been well protected by the means of digital encryption in a manner similar to end-to-end protection, which guarantees the highest levels of security and the maximum degree of protection which the current technology and available techniques allow. One is however advised to keep in mind the fact that the internet is 100% shielded malware and malpractices, so a certain level of discretion and safety measures implemented on the end of users is highly recommended.


Reviews of all kinds and any feedback or suggestion provided by the users regarding the interface and product/services advertised on the website are perceived to be non-confidential information, and treated as such. holds all the rights and exclusive ownership of all the information and is independent to use it in an unrestrained manner. Moreover, by execution of the task of feedback submission, one essentially warrants that:

(1) The feedback provided by them does not contain any kind of sensitive, confidential or proprietary information whatsoever, neither about themselves or any concerned third party.

(2) is not obligated to , nor is it held by a contract of, confidentiality that can be expressed or implied as far as the feedback provided is concerned.

(3) may or may not have something already underway or has something in consideration, which may bear a resemblance to the feedback provided.

(4) An individual is not entitled to any form of compensation whatsoever, and under no circumstances, an reimbursement of any kind can be claimed from related to the feedback.